Hot & Cold Towel

The towel’s raw material is a viscose product which is obtained completely naturally from the beech tree roots and has higher dehumidifying property than cotton. The secret of the pleasing smell of our products is completely natural volatile liquids obtained from the plant extracts in accordance with the T.C Ministry of Health and European Union norms. Produced with the permission of General Directorate of Protection of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, our outer packaging is made from opaque film and its lightness is reduced to minimum level.

Towel Dimensions: 25 X 23 cm, 25 x 20 cm, 20 x 20 cm

Hot & Cold Options: Different experience with the possibility of hot or cold service.

Corporate Identity: Strengthens your brand and corporate identity.

Special Packaging Design: Custom print service for your corporation.

Essence Alternatives: The product meets both style and customer demands with different essence options.

Alcohol Free: It does not affect your health negatively.

Organic Tissue:
70% of the product is extracted naturally from beech tree roots.