Stick Sugar

Sugar is a product consumed in all areas. Especially for restaurants, cafes, banks, large enterprises, canteens, sugar consumption is more intensive and needs to be sterile. Stick sugars provide both sterile use and a more convenient and accurate consumption at this point. The production of stick sugars is carried out in a sterile manner, just like its use. This point in production is very important for us as Çoköz Ambalaj and is a process at the highest level of audits.

Stick sugars are powdered candies that are presented in paper packaging of a single use and in different weights. It offers a healthier sugar usage to its users with its being packaged and disposable. Stick sugars, which have increased usage in recent years due to being healthier and more useful in terms of usage, are a highly preferred product especially in restaurants, cafes and canteens. In this way, both customers and company owners are satisfied with the use of this healthy sugar.

Stick sugars, which can be used in every company or every company serving tea and coffee, are packaged specially for your companies. All the features you want, such as your company logo, a slogan of your company, are on the packages. There is a product suitable for every company in the stick sugar packaging that we offer with reasonable price options. Choosing stick sugar that is healthy and easy to use will make a greater contribution to your company in every respect.

In stick sugar packaging, Çoköz Ambalaj always uses the right structure with the best and reasonable price options. The packaging process and packaging structures are presented without any chemical content, taking care of the whole natural structure. As Çoköz Ambalaj, we offer affordable packaging with the paper option you wish in product packaging.

Our manufacturing facilities are fully sterile and healthy. Quality control is provided throughout the whole stick sugar production from start to finish. As Çoköz Ambalaj, customer satisfaction always takes the first place among our company rules.