Donerbox is a frequently used material. It is known to be durable and oil-proof. Its use is becoming more common day by day.

Donerbox can be used for the products you want to deliver to your customers in a quality way. In terms of paper type, it is diversified into American Bristol, cardboard wax coated and matte coated paper. Company logo for the material to be used, the desired information can be provided to write.

Donerbox Features

What are the properties of this material? What are the features of this widely used material that offers you many opportunities together? Here are the features…

  • Effective in keeping the product warm.
  • Provides a practical use.
  • Available in 3 sizes (16, 26, 32 oz).
  • Company logo or requested information can be printed on it.
  • It provides secure service with its leak proof feature.

There is no problem with a package created with the given features. The use of donerbox provides advantageous use for customers and owners. It offers you advantages with both healthy and affordable payments.