Private Label Napkin

Visuality is an important phenomenon for businesses. Your logo needs to be effective and visible from every point in order to have more space in your customers’ mind and remain a good visual memory. In this case, it is best to use private label products in your business. Products such as private label table mat and private label napkins provide you logo to be in sight and make you more memorable. We show your logo and designs on private label napkins as Çoköz Ambalaj.

Quality and size of napkins are an important concept during the production of private label napkins. When the napkin you choose is a quality napkin, your logo will come to the forefront by a better print quality. In poor-quality napkins, there may be a shift in color. Çoköz ambalaj  packaging as a quality using napkins, we are printing. Our prints are made using special printing machines. Our prints are used with the quality of paints and napkins and they come out with all their effectiveness.

The logo printing on napkins, which are frequently used in restaurants, buffets and cafes and other places where offered for take-away services, provides a better place in the memory of customers. This way you can make effective advertising work and announce your business name in every region. We use effective colors with effective printing to make your name and logo public.

As Çoköz Ambalaj, we offer quality products in all packaging and packaging processes by keeping quality at the forefront. Private label napkins are an effective way to promote your business and create a visual richness in your business. In this way, you can use the colours of your logo effectively and get a place in the visual memory.

We use the colours of your logo effectively in our private label napkin products that we provide with reasonable price guarantee as Çoköz Ambalaj. We adjust the logo rates according to the napkin sizes you choose by your business. in the production of 24×33 cm private label napkins, 33×33 cm private label napkins, 40×40 cm private label napkins, we provide production by keeping customer satisfaction in the foreground by controlling each stage of production. We always carry out our works considering customer satisfaction.