Paper Pouch

In the product packaging, printed paper and paper bag are widely used products. The paper pouch should be made of suitable paper materials so that the sauce or oil of the products does not leak and the packaging is not difficult. Çoköz Ambalaj is produced in high quality paper pouch and produced them in compliance with all health rules and as ready to use.

Paper pouch is printed or unprinted paper which is also used in special product packaging and is used especially for food distribution or for serving in restaurants, cafes and restaurants. The use of paper pouches made with high quality paper is very important. Particularly important is the fact that the paint of a printed paper bag does not get caught and does not pass to the food. For this reason, as Çoköz Ambalaj, we always use quality papers and prints, eliminating a situation that would cause any health problems in paper bags.

In bakeries, patisseries, products such as cookies, pastry and bagels are placed in healthy paper pouches that do not leave any odor. In the service we offer, we make production by paying attention to the quality of paper and do our best not to leave a negative opinion in the mind of your customers. There is no negative situation in the production of paper bag with the guarantee of reasonable price, such as leaving any odor or printing on food.

It is a product that facilitates the packaging and service of paper bags, which are frequently used in enterprises such as restaurants, bakeries, cafes and canteens. As Çoköz Ambalaj, we manufacture packaging and products in all areas from packaging to service. We always offer our products to you as seeking the best quality. Customer satisfaction, quality and trust are always our criteria for our company as Çoköz Ambalaj.

In the production stage, if your company desires printing for paper pouch, the design is made first. Following the design, production of paper bags begins and production starts with special printing and production devices. The devices and paints used during production are completely adjusted to health rules. All controls are carried out in order to comply with the health rules and prevent any unwanted situation from the devices. Products that are negative as a result of controls are set aside and only suitable products are sent.