Private Label Corrugated Box

Corrugated boxes are used in product packaging and package transport cases. Private label corrugated are especially used in food services as pizza boxes, wrap boxes, lahmacun box, pita box etc. The packaging is very important in these boxes which are produced in a way to maintain the heat of the food and facilitate the transportation. As Çoköz Ambalaj, we pay attention to all packaging and health rules and we make proper packaging.

Food packaging and service are very important in restaurants, cafes and snack bars. It is an important fact that the heat is preserved and the food remains as it was in the first condition until the delivery area. With our private label corrugated box packages, you can perform your food services correctly and in any way by providing hygienic and temperature-controlled transportation in all your package services. Private label corrugated boxes that we produce are produced according to hygiene rules.

The logo of your restaurant, cafe or buffet are private label on corrugated boxes. The prints are completely prepared according to your wishes. At this point, our graphic team works according to your wishes. Customer’s demand is always in the forefront for the private label corrugated boxes that we produce with an affordable price guarantee.

Private label corrugated boxes are also available for all the food products you serve without any worries. All private label and corrugated boxes are controlled during production, while they are manufactured fully conforming to the health rules in all packaging and production stages. Providing quality service from order to delivery is the motto of Çoköz Ambalaj.

As Çoköz Ambalaj, we make packaging suitable for every business from packaging to wet wipes. Our company always makes the production of private label corrugated boxes and other packaging by keeping hygiene and satisfaction rules in the foreground. As Çoköz Ambalaj, customer satisfaction is our priority in all packaging processes where we offer with a reasonable price guarantee for restaurants, cafes and snack bars. Customer satisfaction is always the first place and is a very important factor for Çoköz Ambalaj.