Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are one of the products needed at every stage of daily life. For it is produced with its structure close to detergent formula, keeps dirt within itself thanks to dirt holding feature. Dirt retention is very important for wet wipes. Therefore, the use and production of quality materials is very important. In  the wet wipes as Çoköz Ambalaj, we offer to you and companies, product packaging is made as suitable for all conditions and protection of products is increased. In this way, no drying or loss of the product occurs in wet wipes.

In our company where quality and professionalism are important, all packaging processes and every stage of production are followed and quality products are offered to you. Wet wipes are divided into different parts during their production. We manufacture various wipes in different categories as wet wipes, cologne wipes, non-alcohol wipes, Alcohol wipes, Antiseptic wipes and Glasses cleaning wipes.

It is the best advertising tool for your company and your organization with its quality tissue texture, printing and odor options.

The structure and production of each wipe is prepared by using the right products without losing its wet wipe feature. At the same time, it is important that all tools such as production area and machinery are hygienic production. Hygiene conditions, especially during production, is very important for the wipes and our company pays much attention to it. In our entire facility, wet wipes are produced and packaged according to the wishes by paying high attention to hygienic conditions.

Protected and non-destructive packaging is another important factor for every product. As Çoköz Ambalaj, our company uses modern methods and a superior facility in the packaging process and we manufacture fully protected and wet tissue structure by the packaging process. After packaging, all packages are checked for suitability and we offer you the best product and packaging. We provide wipes and design you wish to fulfill what you want in the best way.

We carry out all our work with our facility and team, always giving importance to professionalism and quality. As Çoköz Ambalaj, controls are carried out individually and accurately in all stages of our operations such as production, quality and control. We are always proud to serve you with the right product, reasonable price and fast delivery.