Set Packaging

Packaging processes are made for different products such as candy, wet wipes and toothpicks. These products are made in single shapes as well as in set packaging. Çoköz Ambalaj provides special packaging products with your logo or slogan that belongs to your restaurant, cafe or buffets. You can see and select the products you want to make packaging.

Our experienced team to determine the most appropriate service sets for your business, we want to make the best design at the most affordable price. You can use the service set in package services, in-house food services, meetings, large organizations, birthday parties, picnic organizations, hotel restaurants and you can save time and budget.

Set packaging is a system produced for catering products. All catering products are collected in a single package. Generally, catering products include cutlery, knives, spoons, toothpicks, wet wipes and napkins as complete products in one set. There are also tea and coffee sets as well as catering sets. Tea and coffee sets include napkins, wet wipes and sugar mixers as complete products. You can buy all these products as a complete package or you can create your own set with the products you want.

In set packaging processes, we have different packaging systems as Çoköz Ambalaj. You can create sets in different ways such in two, three, four, five, six pieces in the packaging set we offer to you with the reasonable price guarantee. By selecting the products which you wish for your company, we offer you a unique and reasonable price guarantee and perform packaging process.

It is very important that catering products are presented in a healthy and hygienic manner. This situation, which is of great importance for restaurants, cafes and buffets, also ranks first for Çoköz packaging. We provide firm satisfaction and a hygienic set packaging service. If you want set packaging, you can determine the products to be included in the package and a special packaging is created for your requests.

As Çoköz Ambalaj, we pay attention to every stage in all our packaging process. We ensure that all our packaging processes create a healthy environment. Customer satisfaction is always our top priority. All our machines and production environment are arranged in compliance with the rules and health in the packaging and production stage.